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Would you like a simple Total Gym workout that gets results? Working out doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, simple works better.

You may have questions, such as:

Which exercises should I do?

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How often do I need to workout?

How many repetitions do I need to do?

Below discover the answers to these questions. In addition, uncover:

  • The basic principles that will empower your success
  • Which exercises will give you the best results
  • A simple workout that will train your entire body
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts

  • Total Gym Workout - Basic Principles for Your Success

    Principle 1 - Keep It Simple

      Working out doesn't have to be a 2 hour marathon session at the gym. A 20 minute workout, 4 times a week can give you even better results.

    Principle 2 - More Is Not Always Better

      "If I get good results from doing 20 minutes, then I ll get even better results from doing 40 minutes." Unfortunately, many people fall into this trap. Your body has a limited ability to respond (burn fat, tone/build muscle, etc. ) to exercise. Why do more than you have to?

    Principle 3 - Consistency Equals Results

      Rather than doing a 1-2 hour workout - and getting burned out. Choosing to exercise consistently will give you far better results.

        Example - Big workout (40-90 minutes)

          Monday - 90 minute workout, Tuesday - 70 minute workout, Thursday - 65 minute workout, Friday - 73 minute workout.
          Monday - skipped workout because of soreness, Tuesday - 50 minute workout, Thursday - took the day off (sick of working out!), Friday - hard day at work (don't "feel" like exercising)...

        Example - Consistent workout

          Monday - 20 minute Total Gym workout, Tuesday - 20 minutes on Total Gym, Thursday - 20 minutes on Total Gym, Friday - 20 minutes on Total Gym,
          Monday - 20 minutes on Total Gym, Tuesday - 20 minutes on Total Gym, Thursday - 20 minutes on Total Gym, Friday 20 minutes on Total Gym...

      Which type of workout do you feel would give you the best long-term success? Would you rather workout 20 minutes or 60-90?

      When it comes to exercise "The Tortoise will always beat the Rabbit" - slow and steady wins the race.

    Principle 4 - Start Slowly

      Do you want to avoid any chance of injury while experiencing the best overall results? Allowing your body to "learn" how to do a new exercise correctly can give you the results you want.

      Much like learning how to ride a bicycle, your body needs time to learn how to do an exercise correctly.

      When doing an exercise for the first time, simply start with light resistance and focus on doing the exercise correctly. After a few workouts, begin adding resistance.

    Principle 5 - Do the Most Effective Exercises

      Total Gym can offer you 40-100+ exercises to choose from. But which one's will give you the best results?

    Please click here to discover which exercises will give you the best results, and why

    For a beginner workout, please click here

    For a more challenging, intermediate workout, please click here

      - Ab Workout TIP –

        Why do more than you have to? It can be so easy to fall into the trap of adding more and more exercises – especially with abs.

        I’ve been using an Ab Wheel for over a year now – works great. It hits all my abdominal muscles in one exercise (upper/lower abs and oblique’s). Best part? It’s $13.

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