The Best Total Gym Exercises?

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Do you want to get the most out of your Total Gym workouts? Choosing the right Total Gym exercises can make a big difference .

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Total Gym offers 40 to 100 different exercises to choose from (depending on the model). But which ones will give you the best results?

Below discover:

Which exercises work best

Which exercises could be a waste of time

A sample workout containing the most effective exercises


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Total Gym Exercises - Isolation vs. Compound

What makes one exercise better than another? Answer - How much of your body it uses.

    More muscles exercised = more muscle toned and more fat burned

Isolation Exercise - An exercise that stresses your body across 1 joint.

    Example: Chest Fly

    In a chest fly, only your shoulder joint will be moving - exercising your chest and shoulder muscles.

Compound Exercise - An exercise that stresses your body across multiple joints in one movement.

    Example: Chest Press

    When doing a chest press, both your shoulder and elbow joints will be bending - exercising your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles.

Using compound exercises will empower you to train more of your body in less amount of time.

In addition, compound exercises enable you to use more resistance than isolation movements.

Which Total Gym Exercises are Isolation and Which are Compound?


    Isolation Exercises:

    • Arm pullover

    • Chest fly

    • Cross over chest fly

    • Decline chest fly

    • Incline chest fly

    • Kneeling single-arm chest fly

    • Single-arm chest fly

    Compound Exercises:

    • Chest press

    • Decline push-up

    • Reverse grip chest press
    • Plus all variations - Wide grip, parallel grip, incline, decline

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    Isolation/One-Arm Exercises:

    • Kneeling lateral curls

    • Lateral biceps curl

    • Preacher concentration curl

    • Seated concentration curl

    • Supine concentration curl

    Both Arms:

    • Incline biceps curl

    • Kneeling biceps curl

    • Preacher curl

    • Prone biceps curl

    • Seated biceps curl

    • Supine biceps curl
    • Plus all variations - Reverse grip


    Isolation/One-Arm Exercises:

    • Lat fly

    • Single-arm lat row

    • Single-arm pull up

    • Surfer lat row

    Compound Exercises:

    • High lat row

    • Kneeling lat row

    • Lat pull down

    • Lat row

    • Pull up
    • Plus all variations - Reverse grip, crossover, parallel grip


    Isolation Exercises:

    • Reverse fly

    • Cross body shoulder raise

    • External shoulder rotation

    • Front deltoid raises

    • Inward shoulder rotation

    • Kneeling lateral shoulder press

    • Kneeling reverse fly

    • Lateral shoulder press

    • Lateral shoulder raise

    • Outward shoulder rotation

    • Prone reverse fly

    • Rear deltoid pull

    • Rear deltoid raises

    • Reverse fly

    • Swimmer

    Compound Exercises

    • Behind the neck military press

    • Military press

    • Shoulder shrugs

    • Upright rows


    Isolation/Single-Leg Exercises:

    • Hamstring curl

    • Hip abduction

    • Hip extension

    • Leg extension

    • Lying hip abduction

    • Decline lunge

    • Incline lunge

    • Lateral lunge

    • Leg thrust

    • Single-leg side squat

    • Sprint squat

    Compound Exercises:

    • Buns up leg press

    • Plyometric squat

    • Skiing

    • Squat

    • Toes in squat

    • Toes out squat


    Isolation/One-Arm Exercises:

    • Kneeling triceps kickback

    • Overhead triceps press

    • Triceps press down
    • Plus all variations - Reverse grip

    Compound Exercises:

    • Triceps dip

    • Close-grip chest press

In Summary

Can you see how using compound exercises can give you better results?

Are you interested in getting better results?

If you ever were going to start getting better results, when do you think would be the best time to start?

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