Bowflex Ultimate 2 - Is It "Right" for You?

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The Bowflex Ultimate 2 is the "ultimate" home gym that Bowflex has to offer. With over 95 exercises and 310Ib of resistance (upgradable to 410Ib) it has everything a person could ever want.

However, do you really need all those "extras" to achieve your goals, or is it all just window dressing?

Below we look at what the Ultimate 2 has to offer over other Bowflex models and if it's worth the extra investment.

Plus, we have a few special tips on how to save $100's on your new Bowflex (no matter which model you choose).

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Compared to Other Models

Bowflex has 2 major types of machines available, the horizontal bench models (Ultimate/2, motivator, and discontinued Power Pro) and the vertical bench models (Xtreme 1 & 2).

Both types have Pros & Possible Cons:

Horizontal Bench (Bowflex Ultimate/2, Motivator, Power Pro)


    + Movability - the horizontal bench folds up into the machine, which allows you to store it where ever you like.

      Tip - the Ultimate 2 is a little heavy, so it will roll on a solid floor much more easily than it will on carpeting.

    + Leg Press - the horizontal bench allows you to do leg presses. This is a major benefit, especially for those who find squats difficult.

    + Rowing Machine - the horizontal bench machines can also be used as a rowing machine. This is very nice for warming up or cooling down after a workout.

Possible Cons

    - Space Needed - the Bowflex Ultimate 2 is about 4 feet longer than the vertical bench machines.

    - Attachments - moving the Bowflex Ultimate 2 can be a chore due to all it's attachments like the leg extension etc.

Vertical Bench (Bowflex Xtreme 1 & 2)


    + Less Space - these models are about 4ft by 5ft vs. 4ft by 8ft with horizontal models.

    + Less Cable Changes - less cable changes make for a quicker and more effective workout.

    + No Attachments - no attachments means less time getting the machine ready for certain exercises.

Possible Cons

    - No Leg Press - the vertical bench machines like the Xtreme 2 offer the ability to do free squats, nonetheless, the option of doing leg presses is a huge benefit.

    - Movability - though the Bowflex Ultimate 2 takes some effort to move, it still is moveable, where as the Xtreme models are not.

    - Versatility - the vertical models like the Xtreme 2 only offer 70 exercises vs. the Ultimate 2's 95.

Are The Ultimate 2's “Extra” Features Really Worth It?

The Bowflex Ultimate 2 has a couple nice features above and beyond the other Bowflex models.

1. Preacher curl attachment. Preacher curls enable you to isolate and develop the biceps. Because your arms are resting against the pad, other muscles can’t help your biceps "cheat" in the exercise (like letting the elbows come forward, instead of keeping them tight against your sides).

2. Squat station. Squats are the “Grand Pooba” of ALL exercises. They are the most taxing resistance exercise there is because they use so much of the body. The problem with squats is balance and flexibility. It's hard to go down and come up while having good posture.

The Ultimate 2's squat station solves this problem. It automatically puts your body in proper position which enables you to receive the utmost benefit from this "super" exercise.

3. No cable changes. This seems like a minor feature,

but after training for a couple of weeks you’ll definitely appreciate not having to change cables for different exercises.

Could It Be The Right Home Gym for You?

Here are a few questions to help you decide:

1. How many people will be using the machine? If family members are going to workout on your Bowflex, having the extra versatility of the Bowflex Ultimate 2 would be worth it.

2. Can you afford the $2300 investment? With a 12 year warranty you can trust that your Bowflex will be a good investment.

    Comparison - a gym membership for a family of 4 would be $120 a month. (PLUS gas and time).

    $120 x 19 months = $2280 or a new home gym that’s yours.

3. What goals would you like to accomplish? If you simply want to lose weight and look great, any one of the Bowflex models can help you achieve your goal. On the other hand, if you (or family members) love to workout or are in sports, the Ultimate 2's versatility would be a tremendous asset.

    - Success TIP –

      Have you ever experienced this: you have a great Bowflex workout this giving you great results but then after a month or two it’s not working as well?

      What happened? Your body adapted – its call “The Law of Diminished Returns”.

      Simple Solution – Keep your results going by selecting a new Bowflex exercise for each body part once a month.

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