Bowflex Revolution Exercises - Which Exercises Produce the Best Results?

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With 100+ Bowflex Revolution Exercises to choose from, it can be overwhelming selecting which exercises to do - not to mention putting together a workout plan.

Below discover:

Which exercises the Revolution can do

Which exercises will give you the best results

A sample workout that will exercise your whole body


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Bowflex Revolution Exercises - An Easy Way to Get Better Results

The easiest way to get great results from your workouts will be to use compound exercises.

A compound exercise moves multiple joints through the exercise.

Example: Bench Press

Bowflex Revolution Bench Press Bowflex bench Press
When doing a Bench Press, both your elbow and shoulder joints will be moving. To move these joints your body will use your triceps, shoulders, chest, and biceps muscles.

In contrast, an isolation exercise only moves 1 joint throughout the exercise.

Example: Chest Fly

Chest Fly Dumbbell Fly Bowflex Chest Fly
When doing a Chest Fly, only your shoulder joint will be moving. To move your shoulder joint your body only needs to use your chest muscles (and shoulder muscles slightly).

In this example, you would exercise 4 muscle groups vs. 1 by simply doing a Bench Press instead of a Chest Fly.

Sample Circuit Training Workout

  • Back - Wide Pulldowns - 14-16 repetitions

  • Chest - Bench Press - 14-16 repetitions

  • Biceps - Close Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 14-16 repetitions

  • Calves - Seated calf raises - 14-16 repetitions

  • Rest 2-3 minutes

  • Shoulders - Seated Shoulder Press - 14-16 repetitions

  • Triceps - Close Grip Bench Press - 14-16 repetitions

  • Thighs - Leg Press - 14-16 repetitions

  • Abdominals - Abdominal crunch - 20-30 repetitions
  • In the beginning, only run through this circuit once. When you can do this circuit without resting between exercises, feel free to do a 2nd.

    Note- If you do any cardio exercise, choosing to do it before doing your circuit training will both make your circuit training easier and empower your body to burn more body fat.

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