A Bowflex Workout for Beginners

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Looking to start working out on your Bowflex? This step-by-step Bowflex workout will give you the basic instructions and principles for your success.

Looking at your Boflex, you may have questions like:

What exercises do I need to do?

How often do I need to workout?

How much resistance should I use?

Below discover the answers to these questions along with a step-by-step workout to get started on the path to your new body.

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Bowflex Workout - Basic Principles for Your Success

Principle 1 - You can do it .

    Working out is simple. You don't have to be an athlete or have a professional trainer. You only need a little courage to get started. Once you start you'll discover how natural it feels.

Principle 2 - It is better to do a little consistently, than try to do too much, and do it inconsistently.

    Focusing on exercising consistently will give you far better results than trying to do too much and burning out.

      Example 1. Monday - 20 minute workout, Wednesday - 20 minute workout, Friday -20 minute, Monday - 20 minute workout...

      Example 2. Monday - 65 minute workout, Wednesday - too tired and sore to workout, Friday - 40 minute workout, Monday - too tired (getting sick of working out )....

Can you see how Example 1 will give you better results?

Are you interested in getting better results?

If you ever were going to start getting better results, when do you think would be the best time to start?

The Bowflex Workout

What you will need:

    1. A Bowflex home gym

    2. A timer or stop watch

    3. A notebook to record your repetitions you and amount of resistance for each exercise.

Workout Emphasis

    Burning fat and developing a toned body.

Workout Frequency

    3-4 times a week.

Number of Repetitions

    14 per set (30 for abdominal exercises)

The Exercises

  • Chest - bench press (14 repetitions)

  • Back - seated rows (14 repetitions)

  • Biceps - standing biceps curl (14 repetitions)

  • Calves - seated calf raises (14 repetitions)

  • Shoulders - seated shoulder press (14 repetitions)

  • Triceps - seated triceps extensions (14 repetitions)

  • Thighs - squats (14 repetitions). If unable to do squats, you may substitute leg presses.

  • Abdominals - resisted crunch (30 repetitions)

How to Perform

    1. Select a weight that makes it challenging to do your 14 repetitions.

      Training Tip - For beginners, start with lighter resistance to enable your body to learn to do each exercise correctly.

      For smaller muscles--like biceps, triceps, abdominals, start with 10Ibs. Once you can do 14 repetitions with 10Ibs. move up to using 15Ibs. etc.

      For larger muscles–like chest, thighs, back, start with 20Ibs. Once you can do 14 repetitions with 20Ibs. move up to using 25Ibs. etc.

    2. Do 1 set of 14 repetitions per exercise. Rest 1:30 seconds between exercises (use the time to reconfigure your Boflex for the next exercise).

    3. Record the amount of repetitions you achieved for each exercise and also the amount of resistance you used.

    4. Perform this Bowflex workout for 6 weeks. This workout will empower you to build confidence and a workout habit. Now your body and mind will be ready for even better results.

Intermediate Workout Routines

Bowflex Exercise Guide

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In Summary

Can you see how this workout will get you in shape?

Are you interested in getting in shape?

If you ever were going to start getting in shape, when do you think would be the best time to start?

Workout TIP

To protect your back and also get your workout "juices" flowing, start your Bowflex workouts with with an Ab exercise.

    1) It will get your blood and energy flowing.
    2) It will stimulate your nervous system to go into "workout mode".
    3) It will protect your back and make sure you have good posture throughout your workout.

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