BowFlex PR1000 Disappointing !!

by Neil Custer
(Spencerport NY)

Recently purchased a BowFlex PR1000 from Dick's sporting goods. Went with the quality name and general appearance of the equipment. Price was $699.00 which isn't extremely over the top when compared to going to the Y for the last two years. Y membership was $84/month. So the payback will be realized in approx. 8 months.

I had previously owned a $300.00 Weider set with 210lbs weight, same as the PR1000.

Assembly of the PR1000 was easy and straight forward. Just make sure you lay all the hardware out on a flat surface and separate it. It took more time to unpack all the componenets then to assemble. Save the large shipping carton the unit comes in becasue you will fill it back up with all the inner packaing materials.

The first day I used it, I spent more time hooking the cables to the snap safety hooks then with my workout. I found this fustrating. With most exercises, you're consently hooking and unhooking, moving this cable here and then there.

The seat back is not very stable in the down position and rocks side to side during exercising - I am only 170lbs. The design of the rods are not consistent in feel with normal plate weights as on my old weider exercise unit.

If I could return the Bowflex PR1000, I would do so in a heart beat and purchase for 1/2 the price a Weider unit. With the Weider unit, I could pull one pin to change weight amounts and quickly change the S hooks without all the hassle.

Sorry Bowflex, I am NOT totally sold on your $699 PR1000 unit.

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Comments for BowFlex PR1000 Disappointing !!

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Weider Sales rep??
by: Anonymous

clearly a planted comment here. How much does Weider pay you?

First, compare snapping a ring to, dropping plates at the gym. Most of us know how it is looking for 2 plates the same size at the gym. Slobs leave the equipment scattered, which sends us on a wild goose chase to find the plates we need. So I honestly fail to see how this equipment is so time consuming.

Second, Bowflex never, in a million years has compared themselves to free weights!!! In fact, they argue that their type of resistance training is better than free weights(which, if the lifts are done correctly, it is)

Honestly, I have never seen a planted ad so obvious as this one. The wording. The constant referral to price. The failure to communicate how much more space the Weider takes up(if you have the room for it, then just set up some free weights)

If you honestly bought a bowflex and you are totally disappointed. I would have to guess that the reasons are simply because your expectations were way to high. You clearly want a full Y in your basement under the conditions that it only covers a 5' X 8' area and costs a $150. However, I now humbly ask you to join the rest of us in the real world

Bowflex rules!
by: Anonymous

I put on 20 pounds of muscle in two months. It works if the operator knows what they're doing. Amazing results!!!

the PR1000 is a high quality built piece
by: TheRicker

I worked in construction for 15 years and seen alot of garbage built, the PR1000 is a high quality built piece, and all I have to do is change cable setup twice troughout my intire workout.

PR1000 is exceptional
by: Anonymous

This is my second Bowflex. had my old one for 10 years and then gave to my brother. The PR1000 is well built and an exceptional value. It allows you to do a full body workout and it is so convenient!!!
You can't go wrong. Bought for $499.00

I've had a different experience
by: Anonymous

I'm in high school right now as a Jr. and was kind of curious about what people had to say about the Bowflex PR1000 since my family just bought one recently. Let me tell you it's a great fitness machine. It's not for hardcore body builders, but for people who want to tone there muscles.

reply to above
by: John D.

Personally, I think this machine is terrific. I'm a very skeptical person, too. I had low expectations. HAD. But opinions vary. Just because it's good for me doesn't mean it good for everyone.

Do you want to sell it?
by: Anonymous

Welll buy it for 300.00.

We tried it in Dicks Sporting Goods, and it looked like a hassel to change all the hooks. But my husband still wants one. So were looking for one used. If you want to sell it, post here and let us know and post it on ebay to sell.


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