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Wondering where to get a new Bowflex manual? Looking for downloadable assembly and Bowflex exercise manuals?

Below discover:

Where you can download Bowflex exercise manuals

Where you can download Bowflex assembly manuals

Where you can get a new exercise poster (hard copy)

Where you can get a new exercise manual (hard copy)

    - SPECIAL Recovery TIP –

      Feeling really sore, tired, or moody from yesterday’s workout? Your body is telling you that you pushed it to its limit – working out hard again will only lead to over-training (bad).

      Speed up your recovery by doing what I call a “Hair of the Dog” workout. Do half of whatever you did in your last workout: cut your reps, weight, cardio time, etc. in half.

      It takes guts to do, but you'll be surprised how much better you'll feel.

Bowflex Exercise Manual (Downloadable)

For sample Bowflex workouts, please click here

Bowflex Assembly Manuals (Downloadable)

Bowflex Instruction Manual (Hard copy)

Option 1 - Get a new one from Bowflex.

You can call or email Bowflex customer service and request a new one. (Note: They may be $30 or more)

    Phone: 1-800-BOWFLEX (269-3539)
    Customer Service Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 5:00AM to 7:00 PM PST
    Saturday, Sunday: Closed.


Option 2 - eBay

Bowflex Exercise Manual

New Bowflex Poster

Option 1 - Ebay

Option 2 -

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I have a Bowflex XLT Pro. I got it as a gift .. it has a lot of attachments. I put the leg curling extension together .. but can't find a manual to make …

Missing Exercises in My Bowflex Manual 
I have a Bowflex Extreme 2. I am 54, out of shape and this is my first experience on a Bowflex. I was trying to do the first workout in the book (20 …

Alternate exercises for those not in my Bowflex Manual 
I have a Bowflex Xtreme SE. I've been checking out some of the Bowflex Workouts of the Month. Unfortunately some of the exercises listed cannot be accomplished …

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