Bowflex Exercise - Rotating Bench Press

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The rotating bench press adds a twist (literally

) to a powerful Bowflex exercise - the bench press.

Ready to add variety to your Bowflex workout?

Below discover how to do the rotating bench press on your Bowflex home gym. In addition, uncover Tips for receiving the best results.

What You Will Need

Setting Up Your Bowflex

    To do a "rotating" bench press, set-up your Bowflex home gym the same way as for a normal bench press.

How to Perform

Bowflex exercise - bench press
Boflex exercise - bench press

Another Variation

Bowflex exercises - bench press
Bowflex exersises - bench press

Tip 1 - Do you want to enjoy the MAXIMUM results while avoiding any chance of injury? In the beginning, use light to medium resistance (compared to your normal bench press weight), and focus on doing the exercise with good form.

This will enable your body to learn how to do the exercise correctly.

Tip 2 - Throughout the movement, keep your arms at a 90 degree angle from your torso.

Tip 3 - Keep your elbow in line with the rest of your arm.

Tip 4 - Keep your wrists as straight as possible - like when throwing a punch.

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