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Wondering if you should invest in a Bowflex Elite? Would it help you achieve your goals?

You may have questions about the Elite, such as:

What features does it offer?

How will those features benefit you?

Would the Elite be the best choice for you, or would another Bowflex better meet your needs?

Below discover the answers to these questions. In addition, if you like to save money, uncover how to get the best deal on the Bowflex of your choice.

Bowflex Elite - Key Features

  • 65 exercises to choose from. Enables you to keep your workout fun and flexible with multiple Bowflex exercises to choose from for each body part.
  • 210Ibs. of resistance (upgradeable to 310Ibs. or even 410Ibs.). Gives you the flexibility to add resistance as needed.
  • Leg extension/curl attachment. Empowers you to tone/develop your front and rear thigh muscles.
  • Lat tower. Gives you additional exercise options.
  • Horizontal bench design. Gives you the option of doing leg presses and cardio rowing.

How Does the Bowflex Elite Compare to the Other Bowflex Models?

Exercises Available:

    Revolution - 100+

    Ultimate 2 - 100
    Ultimate - 90
    Xtreme 2 - 70
    Xtreme - 65
    Blaze - 65
    Elite - 65
    Sport - 65
    Motivator 2 - 50

Who the number of exercises available may be important for:

    Experienced exercisers, people who want the maximum variety and flexibility in their workouts.

Who the number of exercises available may not be as important for:

    Beginners, people who want a basic workout that get's results.

Maximum Resistance Available

    Revolution - 310Ibs. (600Ibs. for leg press)
    Ultimate 2 - 410Ibs.
    Ultimate - 410Ibs.
    Xtreme 2 - 410Ibs.
    Xtreme - 410Ibs.
    Blaze - 410Ibs.
    Elite - 410Ibs
    Sport - 410Ibs.
    Motivator 2 - 210Ibs.

Who the maximum resistance available maybe important for:

    Athletes, experienced exercisers, strength training, people who want the maximum flexibility in their home gym.

Who the maximum resistance available may not be important for:

    Slimming and toning.

Note - The Bowflex Elite, Sport, and Blaze, all have the same features.

Bowflex's with Special Features

1. The "No Cable Change" system. This design can enable you to move from one exercise to another without attaching/detaching cables - train faster.

    Offered on:

      Bowflex Revolution
      Bowflex Ultimate 2
      Bowflex Xtreme 2

Who the "No Cable Change" system may be important for:

    Circuit training, anyone who wants the fastest/most convenient workouts.

2. Vertical bench - space saving design. These Bowflex's have been designed to take up less space than the horizontal bench models.

    For example:

      Xtreme 2(vertical bench) - Height 6' 10", Length 4' 5", Width 4' 1"


      Bowflex Elite (horizontal bench) - Height 7' ½", Length 6' 10", Width 3' 2"

    Space Saving Design offered on:

      Revolution FT
      Xtreme 2

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In Summary

People who the Elite would be a good investment for:

    Anyone. The Elite's combination of 410Ibs. of resistance and 65 exercises make it an excellent home gym option, doesn't it?

People who the Elite may not be the best choice for:

    If having the maximum exercise variety and the "No Cable Change" system would be important to you. Investing in an Xtreme 2, Ultimate 2, or Bowflex Revolution would be an even better choice, wouldn't it?

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