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Ever wonder if the Ab Lounge really works? Getting a flat, toned stomach can be a pain in the neck - literally.

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Many machines come along that claim to be "all gain and no pain." We put the Ab Loungto the test to see if it's for real, or just another fad.

Below discover:

Whether the Ablounge works or not

Who would see the best results

What would be the best type of exercise to help you achieve your goals

Ab Lounge vs. a Total Body Workout

On the TV show Body Shaping they used to say "there is no such thing as spot reduction." In other words, doing ab exercises alone will not give you a flat stomach or wash board abs.

However, effective ab exercise combined with circuit training or aerobic exercise can give you fantastic results.

Much like a house needs a foundation to support a roof, so your body needs a total body workout to bring out your toned/developed abdominals.

Circuit Training or Aerobic Exercise?

Doing circuit training can transform your body mass - replace body fat with toned muscle. Your body will lose inches, and to a minor degree weight. In most cases people can lose from 5 to 20Ibs. of overall body weight.

In contrast, cardio exercise can be more effective for individuals who have more than 20Ibs. to lose. In addition to burning fat, a consistent cardio routine will increase your natural energy and vitality. To discover how to save $500 or more on a premium Bowflex Treadmill, please click here

For additional information about circuit training on a Bowflex home gym, please click here

For additional information about choosing the most effective cardio exercise, please click here

Ab Lounge Review


1. Empowers you to exercise your entire abdominal complex (upper and lower abdominals, in addition to your obliques) in one simple movement.

2. Eliminates back and neck strain by allowing you to get off the floor.

3. Supports your body while keeping it in the ideal position to target your entire abdominal complex.

4. Enables you to do a comfortable range of motion.

5. User weight up to 250Ibs.

6. Total machine weigh of 35Ibs.

Possible Weakness’s

1. Though the Ab Lounger can be collapsed and stored, it can be time consuming to unhook everything and fold it up.

Who it would work best for:

People who it may not work for

    Individuals not investing in a total body workout, yet.

In Summary

    The Ab Lounge can be a simple and comfortable way to tone/develop your waistline. Unlike traditional sit-ups, the Lounge’s elevated jackknife can enable you to exercise all of your abdominal muscles in 1 comfortable movement.

Training Tip - Like every new exercise, start slowly (10 - 20 repetitions) and over time add more reps.

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